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PICO Unity Integration SDKv2.3.0
Update time: 2023-09-06Size: 72.91MB
PICO Unity Integration SDK v2.x.x is the LTS release that supports the full series of PICO Neo3 and PICO 4 devices. For developing on these devices, SDK v2.x.x is recommended. Unity 2020.3.21 is the oldest and Unity 2022.3 is the latest version currently supported by the SDK. Legacy SDKs have been removed from the download page. Please contact developer support ( if you have any questions.
PICO Unity Live Preview Plugin (Experiment)v1.0.0
Update time: 2023-09-12Size: 2.52MB
From SDK version 2.1.4, the Preview Plugin (Experiment) is decoupled from the XR module as an independent plugin to provide preview service. Please use with the PDC & the latest version of SDK.
PICO Unity OpenXR SDK(Preview)v1.1.0
Update time: 2023-09-22Size: 1.82MB
The PICO Unity OpenXR SDK is developed from the OpenXR standard by PICO. It provides a range of features, components, and scripts covering rendering, interaction, sensing, platform services, and more.
PICO Developer Center
Version: v1.3.0Update time: 2023-09-12
Explore the guides and API references for app design, development, distribution, and more
The PICO Unity Integration SDK is a Unity-based software development kit developed by PICO. The SDK provides a variety of features covering rendering, input, tracking, mixed reality, platform services, etc. You can use this SDK to develop apps for PICO VR headsets.
PICO Unreal Integration SDK is a set of toolkits for developers to build PICO apps through Unreal Engine. The SDK brings an immersive experience to PICO VR apps through its various features such as rendering, input & tracking, entitlement check, platform services, and more.
The PICO platform supports open web technologies, offering a default browser and Web App Runtime based on Chromium. It also supports PWA and WebXR API. As a web developer, you can utilize familiar cross-platform technologies to create multitasking 2D apps or fully immersive 3D XR apps that have access PICO's platform capabilities such as mixed reality and XR interaction. These apps can be instantly used in the browser or installed on PICO devices as Android and Unity apps. They can be launched and run independently, and are eligible for listing in the PICO app store.
The PICO OpenXR SDK contains the required resources to use the OpenXR API for native development of VR applications for PICO devices. OpenXR provides an alternative development path that allows developers to create portable code that can be used on devices from multiple vendors.