published on: 2022-09-26 16:44:30

  1. How do I register an account with PICO ?

Go to the top right corner of the Developer Program Website, click the Register button, and use your email to register for a PICO account.

  1. Who can apply for the PICO Developer Program?

Any experienced VR developer who has worked on or released consumer-facing VR applications.

  1. What information will be collected?

In the application portal, we will be asking for your 1) company information such as company name, address, and registration number 2) contact information such as legal name, email, and/or phone number 3) pitch details such as idea description, genre, roadmaps, budget, heacount, and any supporting materials such as the pitch deck or a video demo, etc. The more the merrier.

  1. What to expect after I submit my application?

We will screen all new applications on a weekly basis. We will be contacting developers via email within two weeks after our initial screening. However, depending on the volume of submissions, it may take us more than 2 weeks to reach out to you. Thank you for your patience.

  1. How do I check the status of my application?

PICO will NOT be providing application status via the application portal. Please look out for our email communication.

  1. Can I modify or cancel an application I’ve already submitted?

The information you submitted is irrevocable. If you want to change something in your application, you can resubmit your entire application again. PICO will automatically treat your most recent submission as your final application.